Day 1 in Delhi, in at the deep end… 

They say there is 3 things in India, Good luck, good horn and good breaks… And They should add good nerves if you’re not from India!

Our flight was good, John had loads of leg room and we had a really nice guy from Jaipur sat next to us, he took the the time to tell us some places to go and also was telling me about Shimla, which is where my grandad was born in India. 

Our first day in Delhi was a lot to take in, the whole place is chaotic, the driving is mental and we have definitely been on the edge of our comfort zone since we arrived. Our hotel is pleasant and the staff here have been really attentive, they arranged a sightseeing taxi to take us around and see some sights ( President House, Parliment, and Delhi Gate) and then drop us somewhere for dinner. Unfortunately feeling a little overwhelmed and very tired from our flight we opted for McDonald’s…Which filled a hole before we headed back to our hotel for an early night  before our trip to Agra   

 lots of leg room 

  John at the airport in Delhi 

  Delhi Gate



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