Taj Mahal from Delhi – Day Trip

When our flight to Bangkok had a stopover in Delhi, I knew I wanted to use the opportunity to see the Taj Mahal as its something I have always wanted to see. It always looks so amazing In pictures and I wanted to see if for my own eyes. 

After bookings our flights and obtaining our visas (the new ETV for India, which was complicated to complete but quick to approve) I started looking at trains to Agra and day trips from Delhi. Initially we decided after landings in India we would get a train straight to Agra, stay the night and then return to Delhi after seeing the Taj Mahal. We booked some hotel rooms but at the last minute changes our minds and decided to do a day trip. I did some research and came across a company reccomended by lonely planet who proved to be a great choice. 

Our taxi picked us up promptly at 6:45am to make our way to Agra, which was about 3:30mins by car. When we arrived in Agra we were so pleased we changed our minds and didn’t stay, it was even busier and crazier than Delhi. Cows caused chaos and brought traffic to a standstill, the streets were rammed and naughty monkeys were roaming around on rooftops. 

We met out your Guide just outside the gates of the west entrance (entrance for foreigners) and he  was brilliant all day. He went into great detail about the history of the Taj Mahal and answered all of our questions and took pictures for us. He even helped stop other tourists wanting to take pictures with me and john! After a few hours exploring we then left and headed for lunch in a local restaurant, before we went to Agra Fort and then headed back to Delhi.     

  Cows casually chomping on rubbish 

Both arches line up perfectly    


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