Back in Bangkok

After a 4 hour flight from Delhi we landed to a sweltering Bangkok. Thailand is one of my favourite places, it’s crazy, it’s hot and the food is great. 

Taking a taxi from outside the airport (very easy, go and join the Que outside of the entrance and someone will print you a ticket for a taxi number, it cost us 350 baht for our journey including expressway tolls) We stayed on the infamous Koh San Road for 2 nights at D&D Inn, which was a pretty reasonable price for the accommodation on offer. It’s right in the thick of the action so you don’t have the trek for miles to get back to your hotel after a night out. It was quite noisy due to its location, we were provided a room with no windows to block out the noise, and also some ear plugs!! 

When we got to our room we dumped out bags and changed into our shorts before heading to a little restaurant that we had eaten at on New Year’s Eve for some pad Thai, then headed up the road for some Chang (£1.70 for over a pint)and a Gin Fizz (£3)

We spent the day after our arrival chilling by the pool and soaking up the sunshine (although it did cloud over and spit at one point.)

We’ve booked a flight to Krabi for 5th November to take us south so we can head to Phi Phi for a few days 


Cooking our pad Thai   

  Crazy koh San road   
Pad Thai street food (sit down tables) – £1 


4 thoughts on “Back in Bangkok

  1. I’d have to have king prawns in that pad thai as well, if i’m not mistaken, I think John’s got some by the looks of it!


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