Phi Phi is Paradise

I first came to Phi Phi with my friend Tasha in January 2014, it was so beautiful that It was one place I knew I had to bring John on our around the world trip. 

We caught a flight from Bangkok down to Krabi, then arranged the bus & boat combination to take us to the island. It’s 30 mins to the pier from Krabi Airport and about a 90 minute journey by boat to Koh Phi Phi Don. The bus and boat cost 490 baht each, which we arranged at the airport when we arrived in Krabi. 

It was pouring down when we arrived in Phi Phi, but was a welcome relief from the humidity. We made our way to our hostel (The White 2) which is actually very nice, I’d chosen this accommodation because it had a fridge to keep my insulin cool, something which is a big selling point for me when I’m looking for our next place to stay. 

Phi Phi is famous for its fire shows and beach parties and the night we arrived was no different, I took John down to the beach where the bars were buzzing and fire shows were drawing in the crowds, we sat on lounge chairs watching one of the shows drinking a Chang Beer (180 baht for Both, one small bottle and one large bottle) before getting a slice of pizza from a street seller and heading to bed. 

Unfortunately the weather still hasn’t been great in Phi Phi and although most of the day has had sun, the afternoons seem to cloud over and late last night there was a torrential downpour. Yesterday day time we sunbathed on Loh Dalum Bay and took a walk around the island. Thankfully when the heavens opened we were enjoying a Thai Massage (250 baht each for 1 hour). I wish I could have filmed our faces (especially John’s when the Thai lady walked across his back) as we were twisted into all sorts of funny angles. As it was still raining I opted for a Mani/Pedi (150 baht each) which saw the rain storm out. We then headed to the Reggae Bar (strange name for a bar which is boxing themed) and watched some amateur Thai boxing with a couple of drinks. 

Today we are going to climb to Phi Phi View Point and then head back down to the beach, hopefully the sun will still be out! The jet lag really caught us today and we slept for nearly 12 hours! 

What are our next plans? 

We aren’t 100% sure yet. We are contemplating staying an extra night on Phi Phi and doing a day trip to Mosquito Island and Bamboo Island to do some snorkelling. If not, we will head to Koh Lanta tomorrow for a few nights (60 minute boat journey from Phi Phi)   

  Bars on Loh Dalum Bay beach   
  John walking out quite a way into the sea, water was so warm!   
  Current location! Garlic and pepper beef, sweet and sour chicken, Thai red curry and 2 drinks (330 baht) 

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