Koh Lanta – From Phi Phi 

Koh Lanta (Koh Lanta Yai) is about an hours boat ride from Phi Phi or Krabi. Its beaches are uncrowned and it feels a bit like a step back in time.  

We took a boat from Phi Phi islands (200 baht) Koh Lanta which took around about an hour, the pier was packed with people offering taxi and tuk tuk rides to holidaymakers, we bartered with one guy and got 100 baht knocked off of our taxi ride, then we were en route to our hotel. 

Koh Lanta feels like a step back in time, apart from the main roads all others are unpaved and apart from motorbikes and tuk tuks there doesn’t seem to be a lot of cars on the road, the feel of the island is less hectic that Phi Phi and is of a much slower pace. 

Our hotel is about 100 metres from Klong Khong Beach and it really nice. We haven’t had a chance to explore much yet, we went to the beach and grabbed some lunch, we were going to sunbath but it clouded over! 

Tomorrow we are heading to Koh Rok and Koh Rok Nok on a snorkelling trip for the day, Lanta is supposed to be one of the best snorkelling and diving destinations in Thailand. 

The sunsets are pretty amazing too… 

   Main road 

Petrol station!    
  Bungalows to the beach ( we’re not staying here)   

2 thoughts on “Koh Lanta – From Phi Phi 

  1. I love Koh Lanta and every single sunset it shows each day. Having time spent in Koh Lanta was my best decision when I travelled in Thailand. It’s certainly the most calming island and least touristic. Enjoy your travels


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