Snorkelling at Koh Rok 

We took a day trip to Koh Rok to snorkel and spend the day on a beautiful beach with powdery white sand. The trip was fairly expensive compared to most things here (1300 baht each) but we weren’t disappointed. 

It took around an hour to get to our first snorkelling stop and we were greeted by a beautiful emerald sea. Surprisingly the water was really warm and the fish looked as though they had come straight from the film “Finding Nemo”. 

The trip had 2 snorkelling stops, I’d say the first was better than the second, perhaps this was down to a change in weather and it being quite gloomy by the time we got there. It also included lunch and 2 hours of free time on Koh Rok beach, which was amazing.



  John snorkelling  

 waterfall which only happens after it rains




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