Hoi An Ancient Town 

We took a short flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Denang. The flight was around an hour and we decided this would be the most efficient way to get to Hoi An, rather than a long bus journey on bumpy roads.

We arrived in the evening and got a taxi to our homestay (which is a bit like a B&B). The room was large and very clean, and the hosts were incredibly friendly. The location of our homestay was excellent, just a few hundred meters from the Japanese bridge (part of the world heritage site), and right outside the night market.


lanterns in the night market

Hoi An Ancient Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, recognised for being an example of a South East Asian trading port dating from the 15th-19th century. The town is pretty spectacular, filled with temples, bridges, and other religious buildings which you can purchase tickets for a small fee (120,000 dong) to view. The streets are lined with lanterns and street sellers, adding to the charm of the town. Hoi An has a river running through the middle, which people take long boat rides on and let off paper lanterns for good luck (the lanterns cost 10,000 dong each and the boat journey we paid 70,000). The central market, which is in the ancient town, is divided into sections, one being food and the other clothing. 

Lanterns in the river

fresh fruit and veg at central market

One other bonus to Hoi An is the fresh beer on offer, you can grab a cold glass of fresh beer for 4000 Dong, which may seem a lot but when this converts to 12p per glass it is suddenly the cheapest beer in the world. 

We took a trip to An Bang Beach on one of our days here, which was a beautiful beach opening out to the South China Sea, it was quite windy when we were there which made way for some pretty impressive waves, although we made sure not to venture too far out. 


Another thing Hoi An is famous for is its Tailors, John took advantage of this and had a made to measure suit which he had posted home, and I had some made to measure sandals. Tailors are in abundance there, and as you can imagine some are better than others. We used “Sam The Tailors” as we had read some positive reviews on Trip Advisor. They were really helpful and John had adjustments made twice to his suit, and on the last occasion they did it whilst we waited as we were due to leave that day. Now hopefully Vietnam postal service will do their bit and the suit arrives in England in a few weeks time! 

John being measured for his suit

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