Crazy things happen in Tokyo – Things to do 

After our experiencing our first night in the capsule, we made our way to Akihabara (aka nerd central) to see for ourselves the array of manga, anime, video games and electronic components. We weren’t disappointed and saw everything from collectable Pokemon cards to glasses with video cameras mounted in the frames. After being dragged around what seemed like an endless stream of video game arcades by John who was playing some old school favourites such as Phoenix, 1942, Double Dragon and Track & Field, we visited a “maid cafe,” apparently all the rage in Tokyo. What followed was nothing short of bizarre with us being given a curry presented in the shape of a teddy bear, some fluffy bunny ears and some sickly cream soda. We were also asked to blow out pretend candles by our excitable hosts (look up “Maid Dreamin” Tokyo if you want to see more!), as we watched the locals join in to some impromptu sing a long by the maids.   

the only thing we could take pictures of in the maid cafe

Another crazy experience was the Robot Restaurant, located in the Shibuyu area. The title is misleading as it’s far from a restaurant and robots only play a small part. Instead for £35 each, we were treated to a 90 minute show which included giant pandas, snakes, spiders, horses, Santa Claus, robots and some scantily clad dancers accompanied by a dazzling array of props and lights. Again, it’s something you probably need to find on you tube as it’s difficult to describe and something you won’t find anywhere else in the world – we loved it though!    
Other highlights included a trip up the stunning Tokyo Tower with an amazing Christmas display and spectacular views over the city which was reasonable for approx £5 each. The Meiji Jingu shrine, Senso Ji temple, various pet shops containing minute puppies and kittens, (the fluffier and cuter the better), and a cat cafe were other places we ventured to (they have several animal cafes including a goat cafe for people to unwind…!), as well as “Geronimos,” a notorious shot bar in Roppongi where you can get your name engraved on a plaque and permanently nailed to their wall if you can polish off 15 shots in one visit! After seeing the size of a single shot, we opted against taking on the challenge and retreated to our capsule before the last thing thing on our bucket list the following day; Mount Fuji. 



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