A day trip to Mount Fuji from Tokyo 

Something we really wanted to do whilst in Tokyo was to visit Mount Fuji. We weren’t quite sure at first whether a train or bus would be the best option, but price quickly determined that we would be getting the bus. A return train ticket for both of us was around £75, and the bus was £35. 

We had to make our way to shinjuku expressway bus terminal, thankfully there were signposts around shinjuku subway station directing you to the correct exit, there are around 200 exits from shinjuku subway station so we could have easily ended up miles away from where we needed to be. The bus station is tucked around a corner from the exit, a friendly local pointed it out to us when we were wandering around looking a bit lost. There are several viewing points for Mount Fuji, and we weren’t sure about which one to go for, but we chose to get off at Kawaguci. You can also get off at Mount Fuji 5th station, this is closer to the base of the mountain and takes about 1 hour longer on the bus. 

The bus journey was pleasant, and we slept for most of the way! The journey time was around 1.5 hours, and as you’re getting closer you can start to see the mountain. We managed to get off at the wrong stop first of all, and had to pay 200 yen each (only about £1) to get to Kawaguci, which was about 2 minutes away. 

When we arrived, it felt like we were in a ski resort. The air was noticeably cooler, you could see a snow capped Mount Fuji behind you and the cabin style bus and train station was decked in Christmas lights with the smell of freshly brewed coffee lingering the air. We followed the signs to lake Kawaguci which was around a 10 minute walk. The lake was beautiful, and very similar to Lake Como. We had a little walk around, past all of the vendors selling trips on the lake and took the cable car up to a viewing area. The panoramic views of the mountain and local area were stunning and we captured some great images. We stayed up there for around 45 minutes and then headed back down, as it was absolutely freezing up there. 

At the bottom there is a cookie shop selling Mount Fuji shaped cookies in a variety of flavours, we purchased two of these and then retreated back to the bus terminal to have a hot cup of tea to warm our chilled bones, whilst listening to Christmas tunes and watching the twinkling of the fairy lights before our bus back to Tokyo. 

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