Byron Bay

We caught the greyhound from Coolangatta to Byron Bay, the journey took around 2.5 hours, which included the change in time between Queensland and New South Wales. 


We stayed in Nomads in an 8 bed dorm, as this was the cheapest option when we were booking our accommodation. When we arrived there was a girl crying her eyes out in our room, which made our entrance pretty awkward so we dumped our bags and made a swift exit. Our first stop was a trip to woolworths to buy ingredients for our dinner. We’ve had a few ‘JP Specials’ on this trip (which is tomato based pasta with whatever veg thrown in) however JP has yet to cook one on this trip… 


We spent the evening drinking beer at the beach and wandering around to see what Byron has to offer. I’ve never been to Newquay, but John said Byron Bay is just like Newquay. It has quite a hippy feel about it, with psychedelic painted buildings, girls dressed in crochet and ankle boots, and people busking all over town. It is deffinitly very different than anywhere we’ve ever been before, and it’s unique character is obviously why people rave about it. 

We didn’t do a lot whilst we were there, we spent our only full day sunbathing on the beach, eating pizza and wandering around looking at the arts and crafts on sale and listening to buskers. 


One unusual thing we did attend in Byron was Jelly Wrestling! We seemed to turn up at Aquarius bar just as the final was about to begin. The bizarre display saw jelly being flung all over the place, whilst 2 girls aggressively wrestled each other to try and rip one another’s socks off. The winner was presented with $200 cash and we all headed down to a bar called Cheeky Monkeys. We were all entitled to free entry and a free drink, and danced on tables whilst topless girls waltzed around with flags painted across their chests. 

Byron was deffinitly a very ‘different’ place and somewhere worth a visit if you’re near that way in Oz. 

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