Boxing Day – Tarronga Zoo 

The weather wasn’t looking so bright on Boxing Day, which we weren’t concerned about as our Christmas Day on Bondi had been so glorious. As the weather wasn’t so nice we decided it would be an ideal day to visit the Tarronga Zoo. 

The zoo is situated across the water from Sydney Harbour, and we purchased a combined ticket for the ferry, zoo and sky train at the ferry gate for a sum of $54 each. 

It takes around 12 minutes to reach the zoo, and you are delivered right to its doorstep from the ferry. You can catch the sky train from the bottom, which takes you to the main entrance. In a cable car you are elevated above elephants, seals and other enclosures, as the car takes you through the tree canopies leaving you feeling like you’re in a Jurassic park film. 

The zoo is huge and definitely needs a whole days dedication to truly take everything in. We rushed around in 4 hours and manages to see most things, but would have preferred to spend more time there if we could. John was particularly excited to see the duck billed platypus enclosure as these are one of his favourite animals. After quite a while of searching and a very misleading map, we found it right before closing time. I was quite disappointed to find the koala encounters had sold out for the day, meaning I didn’t get to hold one, perhaps this means I’ll need to pay another visit one day…! 



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