Lake Tekapo, lake Pukaki and Mt Cook

Serena William’s as she is now known, had a hard first test, with a 320km journey to our first destination of Lake Tekapo. We weren’t sure where to head first but after some advice and googling, we opted for the lake as its views were meant to be stunning. 

The drive was down lots of very long and straight roads, through villages and countryside which made the journey pleasant. After a few hours we came around a windy road and in the distance you could see the snow capped Mt cook. 

Lake Tekapo was stunning, lined with trees and clear calm water, with snow capped mountains in the background it felt like somewhere out of a film or magazine. There were several campsites nearby, but we were moving on to lake Pukaki as someone in our hostel reccomended it to us, and said it was better than Tekapo. 

We turned up to the campsite at Pukaki ( called lake Pukaki Camping, which is a free campsite) and knew we had made the right choice. We parked along with everyone else and got out to admire the incredible view.  

We cooked a fajita dinner on our camping stove, eating it whilst looking out onto a now closer Mt Cook. As the sun was setting the sky was illuminated with flashes of bright pink, red and deep orange, neither of us have ever seen a sky like it before and we made sure to snap lots of pictures. 

As there was minimal light pollution, there was an amazing display of stars in the sky, and we both went to sleep feeling very content. 

After breakfast we headed closer to Mt Cook. As you got closer you could feel the temperature drop and the base of the mountain. We went on a short Busch walk into the visitors mueseum. The mueseum houses lots of information about the mountain, its first ever photograph, first people to climb it and so on. It also has lots of climbing equipment on display for all eras, and a replica of the shelter huts which can be found up the mountain. Each hut has a log book which must be signed, and upon flicking through a few random pages I came across a signature from someone who lives in Portsmouth! 

We are spending the night camping at white horse hill campsite before moving on tomorrow. 

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