Queenstown – The adrenaline capital of the world 

Queenstown is known as the adrenaline capital of the world. Everywhere you go bungee jumps, canyon swings and skydives are being thrust in your face, and you can’t help but feel obliged to face your fears and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. 

We headed to happy travels in Queenstown to look at what activities were available. Having booked a whole host of things in Australia with them, we had a good idea of what they can offer already. 

We started off by booking Jet Boating, zip lining and a trip on the gondola to the sky park, with lunch. 

Jet boating was booked for 3pm that day. We were picked up in a mini bus and driven to the Canyon. You make a stop at cornet peak, our guide pointed out queenstown in the distance and several ski fields. Our journey took us along skippers road, deemed the 7th scariest road to drive on in the world (your insurance on hire cars becomes invalid when you reach the road) . To most people it looks a single track road, with hair pin bends and sheer drops on one side, and was a white knuckle ride in itself. It is infact a double track road, and after several interesting encounters with oncoming traffic we had successfully negotiated our way down to the boat meeting point. The experience lasted 30 minutes, and we were driven at high speeds through the canyon, with the experienced driver taking you close to canyon walls, and spinning the boat to soak you! Included in our booking we had a picture package, with the group picture being taken at the start of the trip. 


One thing we were advised to do in queenstown was visit Ferg Burger. You can’t help but notice Ferg Burger, the que for it is right out of the door and up the road past several other shops. Everyone in the que seemed to agree that they were the best burgers in the world, and I’m not sure what makes them taste so good, but they do. We had a simple cheese burger and shared a chips, I managed the majority of mine, and then John finished it off! There is a huge variety you can choose from, some I have no idea how people ate them. But if you ever visit queenstown you should definitly pay it a visit! 


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