Milford Sound 

It took us around 4.5 hours to reach our intended campsite for Milford Sound. We stayed at cascade creek, which is a department of conservation campsite (DOC for short). The majority of these have a fee of $6pp but can go as high as $10. Most have pretty basic facilities, some have cold showers and camp kitchens, but as long as it has a toilet it’s good enough for us. 

fajita dinner


This would be filled with glacier water
 Our check in time for our cruise was 9:15am, and we were advised to be there by 8:30am due to limited parking spaces. After an early start, and a drive through some clouds,we arrived at Milford Cruise Terminal and munched on some peanut butter sandwiches before checking in for our cruise. 

We booked our cruise with Jucy, the same company which hire out campers, purely on a cost basis as their cruises were $45pp, whereas other companies were charging $90pp for the same cruise. 

We were pleasantly surprised by the size of the boat, and the free tea offered on board when we embarked. We were advised to go early morning to avoid all the day trips arriving in their hundreds around lunchtime, which we did start to see after we finished. 

We were on the boat around 90 minutes, taking in the spectacular scenery and wildlife. As it had poured with rain the previous night there were thousands of waterfalls to be seen, usually most dry up within 90 minutes of the rain stopping, so we got to see a pretty spectacular sight. There was commentary blasting from the speakers the entire journey, which was also something we weren’t expecting after selecting the cheapest cruise on offer. Overall we had a great experience with jucy, and for the money wouldn’t hesitate to reccomend them to anyone. 


seal colony


The boat went right into the spray

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