The final few days in our camper! 

Serena had been a noble steed for our journey around NZ, that was until she picked up 2 punctures in 2 days. We decided to put the spare tyre on the car and get the other puncture repaired in the morning. A very nice man in a garage fixed the puncture free on charge for us, which was a great result! 


We started to head towards Waipu, as we had seen a free glow worm cave advertised. After a 12km drive down a gravel track we had arrived in a field, with signposts towards the cave. After a very slippery and sticky decent down some muddy rocks to the bottom, we could see the worms glowing on the ceiling. As you delved further into the cave you could see more and more glowing in the dark. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures, we were just pleased to have seen them and saved $50pp on the usual entrance fees. The field the cave was located on was also a campsite, we had intended to stay there but an abundance of flies lead to our decision to move on, not before we decided to make use of the free showers. The free showers were cold, outside and located next to a pile of cowpat…we are definitely now at one with nature. 



We stopped by a few campsites, with none feeling quite right and some having poor reviews. Eventually we found one in Onerahi and located right next to the sea. We arrived to a spectacular sunset and woke to fantastic blue skies and sunshine. 

Heading towards dargaville, we took a slight detour and stopped at Lake Taharoa. The lake is very shallow, no more than knee deep for about 30 metres, before suddenly dropping off to greater depths making for a sharp contrast in colour. Lots of people were enjoying kayaking, water skiing and jumping off boats into the warm water. The sun was shining and we enjoyed half an hour in the lake before we started to feel fried, so climbed out to shelter from the sun. 

After our trip to the lake we stopped off at Haruru falls and enjoyed being sprayed by the cool water and watching the kayakers in the river below. 

What was to be our final night in Serena was spent at Arundel Reserve. Another free campsite and probably another of our favourites. 30 metres from the beach we watched the moon rise over the ocean,  and heard the calls of dolphins. We woke to another beautiful sunrise and felt very content with our last evening in the van. 

We had a meeting booked for lunchtime for a prospective buyer to test drive Serena in Auckland. He bought her from us for a fair price, John was sad his wheels were going to a new home, but all good things must come to an end and we were pleased to have sold the van so quickly so we could enjoy our last 5 days in New Zealand. 


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