Rarotonga jet blast area 

A fun thing to do whilst on Rarotonga is visit the jet blast area located each end of the runway. We heard 2 conflicting stories about which direct the planes take off and land. One stating they take off and land against the wind, the other saying its upto air traffic control. It seems it’s all down to pot luck on the day, and this particular day our luck was in!

We looked at the flight schedule for that particular day and headed down about 25 minutes before the plane was due to land. There was already a crowd of people awaiting the arrival of the plane, all playing as game as to who could spot the plane first. After about 5 minutes someone claimed victory and you could see the flashing red lights and front beam, way way in the distance. 

It was quite a strange sensation seeing a huge plane heading straight for you, and doing nothing about it. The blast from the plane as it flew over wasn’t quite as strong as I imagined, probably because it was shielded by a concrete wall. But nonetheless it was a great thing to say we’ve done! Enjoy the pics and video (if it shows up!).












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