Skiing in Whistler 

After a pretty successful first day back one the slopes we set the alarm for 7am and woke to blue skies and sunshine, a stark contrast from the previous day’s weather conditions. We fueled up on a large bowl of porridge and bananas, then headed out to catch the bus to Whistler Village. 

Waiting for the bus at the top of our road

Whistler village has a storage facility inside the Carlton Lodge for those who have hired skis and poles, and Salomon rental shop also lets you store your shoes during the day in the shop for free if you have rented from them. We collected our skies and put on our boots and joined the enormous que for the Excalibur Gondola. As the previous day was Presidents’ Day, lots of Americans had a long weekend and some had opted for a ski break in Canada, the que moved fairly quickly though and within about 10 minutes we were on our way up the mountain.    

 There are Mountain hosts located at the top of every lift and they are very helpful and friendly, they gave us some great advice about where we should ski owing to me being a novice! At the top of Excalibur Gondola we walked to Excelerator Express and took a joined a short blue run to the Jersey Cream chair. We skied along expressway and took the 7th Heaven Express to the horseman hut which is the highest peak we could go to on Blackcombe Mountain, 2284 metres above sea level. 


Mountain hosts wearing green jackets
Huge ques for the lifts

We spent most of the day skiing around this area, and took the 7th Heaven chair lift twice to ski along the green paths taking you down the mountain. John took some videos of me which you should be able to see below


Freezing at the top of 7th Heaven

   We didn’t break for lunch util around 2pm, and after we had a quick bite to eat we skied right the way to the bottom, the first time I had skied from the top, right the way to the village at the bottom! As lovely as the day was, we had skied for around 5 hours and feeling knackered we put away our skies and wandered around town, getting some food supplies for our apartment. 

We ventured back to our apartment watching everyone ski and board right down to the bus stop (so cool!), ate our dinner with the fire burning and got an early night. 

P.s if anyone can tell me what cat chunder is then please let me know! 


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