Last 2 days skiing in Whistler

I woke up full of cold on our third day in whistler, runny nose, stuffy head the lot. I had my porridge and got myself ready for another day skiing, hoping that some fresh mountain air would do me some good. 

The Excalibur gondola had no que so we decided to head up there again. The lift attendant stopped me on my way through the turnstile and asked me to take my goggles off, because the camera needed to take a picture of my face. I explained no one had asked me to do that before and I was wearing glasses under my goggles, so removing them would fog up the goggles meaning I would find it hard to see. The lady was adamant I must remove them even after I explained why I didn’t want too, thus meaning I had to ski for the rest of the day with foggy goggles, not great. 

We took the same chairlift and joined the blue run again to the jersey cream chair, before we took a different route down the mountain. I decided to go for a blue run, which seemed a lot steeper than it should be and John said in France that would be a red run. I didn’t feel so steady on my feet and fell over quite a bit, which was mainly due to being on steeper slopes. 

My first spectacular fall of the day came from traversing across the slope, falling and somehow managing to end up with my skis pointing upwards, sliding further and further apart with no idea about how I was going to rectify the situation. I somehow managed to get one ski to be parallel with the mountain, then the other one followed. I managed to get myself going again after my undignified fall and skied back to John.

My second spectacular fall of the day was whilst skiing the Zig Zag blue run, I managed to get most of the way down the mountain, but then lost control of myself and skied straight into a mound of snow. Thankfully the fresh powder was very soft and I didn’t hurt myself, but this was the final straw of the day for me and we came down from the mountain. 


  John went back up for an hour to go on some steeper slopes which would definitely be beyond my skiing ability at the moment. I went to Starbucks for a hot cup of tea to thaw myself out and wait for him. That evening I went to bed early, feeling rotten from my cold. 

On our final day I woke up feeling lots worse than the day before, and decided to wait until lunch to ski so I wouldn’t be in the cold for as long. I met John at noon and we went up in the Whistler gondola to take the Peak to Peak gondola across the mountain to Blackcombe. Still feeling totally rotten I couldn’t face skiing back down, it was snowing hard and it was a struggle to tell the sky from the snow, John said he didn’t fancy it either and we then both called it a day. We dropped our skis and boots back, then visited the gift shops in the village to find a fridge magnet and have a look around. 

The man from Whistler Winter Wear came and collected our clothing and we packed our bags ready to leave the next day. We decided not to travel back on Pacific Coaches and took Epic Rides instead, they charge $24pp single or $35 return to whistler from Vancouver or vice versa. Their service was brilliant and the journey barely took 2 hours from start to finish, so they are definitely a service I would reccomend especially if you are on a budget. 

I was disappointed I didn’t ski on my last day, but pushing myself when I was feeling unwell would have done me more harm than good, and I was pleased with the progress I had made during the 3 days I did ski. 

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