Mexico – Playa Del Carmen

We took a 9am flight from San Francisco to Cancun, which took around 3.5 hours. The time difference meant we landed late afternoon and we decided to take the super shuttle bus to our apartment. 

After several drop offs we arrived 90 minutes later at our apartment in Playa Del Carmen. We were greeted by a very friendly German lady who designed and built the apartment block we were renting in, she had lived there for 5 years and was loving the Mexican way of life. The apartment was very modern and it was comforting to know we would be in the same place for 9 nights. Our hosts recommended some restaurants to us, and even walked us to the end of the road to point some out, we opted to visit a traditional Mexican eatery about 5 minutes from where we were staying. We ordered some nachos and a burrito, along with 2 diet cokes and the bill came to 180 pesos (about £7!) which we felt was exceptional value. The food was delicious and full of flavour, and we both knew we were going to enjoy our time in Mexico. 

We spent the next few days wandering down to the beach and at the pool, the weather wasn’t all that great and it rained quite a bit (we got caught in a torrential downpour at the beach). We explored the delights of the local supermarket and had our first bacon sandwich since we left the UK! 

The weather began to perk up towards the end of the week so we decided to book a trip to Chi Chen Itza, whilst we were stranded in the beach downpour we noticed a travel company offering a very reasonable deal, so we went back and booked with them. 



 Incredible pizza restaurant next to our apartment!
 We also spent several days topping up our tan in the lovely sunshine which appeared on our last few days. 


 To get back to the airport we decided to take the Ado. The cost was 166 pesos pp
which was significantly cheaper than the super shuttle, and took less time. We were at the airport within 70 minutes and the journey was very comfortable. 
Our next stop was Washington DC. 

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