Toronto to Niagara Falls day trip

We looked at many companies to book our trip to Niagara falls when we first arrived in Toronto. The receptionist in our hotel suggested booking something ourselves would be the cheapest option, and suggested we look at some of the big bus companies.

We looked at quite a few, before some payment issues meant we settled on the greyhound bus. We booked the 9:30am bus from the central terminal, and arrived a little later than we had anticipated to a rather large que. The bus was scheduled to travel onto New York City, with these passengers embarking first. It was evident quite quickly that the bus was overbooked and after seats and remaining passengers were counted multiple times we were allowed to get on the bus one by one. Thankfully we made it on, although I’m not quite sure what happened to those who didn’t.

The journey was around an hour and a half, and you get dropped off at what feels like the middle of nowhere. The town is boarded up, the houses look empty and there is hardly anyone around. The coach terminal is full of maps and leaflets so we grabbed a map and decided to walk to the falls. It took around 30 minutes, but the walk was along the river and as you got closer you could hear the millions of litres of water flowing over the edge of the waterfall. The river below was frozen, which in turn meant a lot of the surrounding area of the falls was also frozen. The scene was magical and looked like a winter wonderland.

We spent a long time mesmerised by the fast flowing water, then walked along through the spray to horseshoe falls to take some pics. There were some very silly parents getting their children to pose for pictures on the slippery frozen rocks which we were horrified to see.


We then took a stroll through the town, feeling rather hungry we stopped at a subway to get a sandwich. Stood in the shop debating about what was going to be the best value, a man offered us a voucher so we could both get a footlong sub each. I think he felt sorry for us as after he gave it to us he said ‘Now you both get to eat real good’…

We inhaled our lunch and went for a walk through the shopping centre, there was an amazing chilli shop which was packed full of chilli sauces and marinades. We sampled a few and had a great chat to the lady who worked in the shop, she had travelled a lot in the past and was intrigued by our story. We also went into a gift shop and purchased a fridge magnet to go with our large collection.


We went back to horseshoe falls and took some more pictures and videos, before it was time to make our way back along the river to the bus station. We walked back unable to believe we had just seen Niagara falls, and felt very satisfied by how we had spent our last full day on

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