Tokyo Robot restaurant Shinjuku

One evening on our travels in Tokyo we stopped by the robot restaurant. It had been recommended to John by a friend, and was one of the top things to do in Tokyo so we decided to give it a go.

It’s a slightly weird set-up, the payment booth being tucked around a little corner and, the show being in another. It costs 7,000 JPY (about 45 pounds) to have a seat, there are food add ons available but we chose not to opt for those.

You climb several flights of stairs and this is really where you get a feel for the craziness you are about to witness. The walls are decked out in a kaleidoscope of colours, mirrors, lights and random props stuck on the walls. You are ushered into a waiting room which is decked out in similar décor, with seats in the shape of sea shells in flamboyant fabric, more lights, crazy carpets and a bar which you can purchase refreshments.

You’re then taken through into the arena, it has a few rows of staggered seating and big steel bars in front of the first row (which keeps the floats away from you when the show starts). Before the show starts you have the option to buy drinks and popcorn, we decided to buy some as the smell of the melted butter was irresistible.

When the show starts you are treated to a truly unbelievable spectacle. You are treated to a constant stream of floats, dancing, and fancy dress. To be quite honest we were both left speechless and not only could we not quite believe what we’d just seen we couldn’t believe they managed to fit it all in such a small place.

If you’re ever in Tokyo and want to do something really different then make sure you pay this a visit. Enjoy the pics and video below…

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