30 before 30 challenge 

About a year ago some work colleagues and I set ourselves a challenge to visit 30 different countries before we are 30. There’s a #30before30 tag on instgram which currently has over 25,000 pictures of others trying to achieve their goal.

One particular day at work we all downloaded the ‘been’ app, an app which lets you select the countries you’ve visited and works out the percentage of the world which you’ve seen. At the time I had visited 16 countries and had bounced around ideas of where I would like to visit next. 

I’ve always been into travel and enjoy going to new places, so setting myself this target seemed like a good way of ensuring I got to visit and explore as many countries as possible over the next few years. Fitting 14 new countries over what was then 6 years didn’t seem too unrealistic when there were a lot of European countries I hadn’t visited such as Germany and Belgium etc. 

At the time I didn’t know I would be going travelling, and had no idea I would be ticking off another 8 countries from my list, but my total now stands at 25 countries at the age of 25.

I’m pretty lucky to have booked trips to countries 26 and 27 for this year too, with a holiday to Abu Dhabi and September and a cruise in the Arctic Circle (we will be in Norway) booked for December – hopefully we will catch a glimpse of the northern lights! 

So now I’m trying to figure out where I’m going to visit after this to achieve the 30 before 30 challenge. 

Are you on a quest to complete the 30 before 30 challenge? If so how many countries do you have left to visit? 

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