Life After travel…..

It’s been a long time since I last posted, almost a year in fact. After getting back home from our travels I found it difficult to find the time to write and finish the last few posts about our trip. My main focus after getting back was finding a job and returning to the swing of every day life.

In the last year I’ve been fortunate enough to visit some wonderful places and continue with my love of seeing the world. Our first holiday was to Abu Dhabi to relax and unwind. It was great to recharge our batteries again be back in the sunshine, but after our week was up, getting back on a plane to the UK felt very underwhelming compared to the thrill of landing in the next destination of our epic adventure.

I’ll post about our recent trips over the coming days/weeks and hope to get back into blogging. Hopefully it will give me an outlet to write and share what I’ve learnt along the way, rather than just stare at my pictures all the time reminiscing….


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