Booking your backpacking trip yourself

I’m always shopping around for good deals when i’m looking at booking a trip. I often get quotes from travel agents as well as pricing up building the package on my own, and often find flight prices cheaper on skyscanner than quoted by agents, and using to look for hotels too. I’m naturally drawn to booking backpacking trips myself as i always think the extra money can be spent elsewhere, although one pro of booking with an agent is you will often have the option to pay the flight deposit rather than the whole cost in one go, which can definitely a plus! Below you will find my go-to sites for booking flights and hotels, and what i do about transfers when i get to my destination!


My go-to for flights has always been skyscanner. You can use the search functions here to find pretty much anything you want, anywhere you want. The filtering options are really easy and they return flights from all different travel websites which saves you from going to each one individually to get a quote, and allows you to compare prices from multiple sources quickly.


I naturally go to each time I am looking for a hotel, i’m a genius member and on some bookings get a discount or extras included (such as a free welcome drink) and I usually find their prices cheaper than elsewhere. If i want to look for a hostel, I will always check hostelworld and hostelbookers to see what they have available. One final thing i may do is google a term such as ‘Las Vegas Hotels’, or a specific hotel name and see what comes up, as this can link you to websites with good deals.


If I’m backpacking then i always book my transfer when i arrive at the airport. You will often find a shuttle bus sharing service where you can book on and wait for your shuttle to arrive, which takes you directly to your accommodation. I will also do my research before arriving at my destination to see if I can use public transport to get to where i need to be – although if it looks like i will be left with a long walk before reaching my destination then i will opt for the shuttle!

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